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Female  Age: 4

Weight:  6 lbs



Possible congenital defect

or old spine injury. Read below for information on physical therapy sessions and donations needed.

We were contacted by another animal welfare group that asked us to help with a little disabled female Yorkie that was posted in PA. She was being sold for $20 and that’s never a good thing! Yorkies Inc. agreed to take her and transport to MA was started!

She’s about 4yo and is a thin 6.1lbs. She has either an old spine injury or was born with a congenital defect. She arrived here to TT's w/Stacy late last night and was seen by the vets right away today! She was updated on vaccines and x-Rays were taken. It doesn’t appear she’s in pain and she has learned to get around by picking up her back end and using her front legs!


This baby’s a survivor! Typical Yorkie! Sweet as can be and just wants to be loved! Thank you Stacy for saving her …Welcome Bambi! (Video of her walking below)


Update 5/29/23

Yorkies Inc Friends and Family…We have a great opportunity for Bambi and need your help.

Dr. Parsley, a neurologist at Tufts, has offered her services for intensive physical rehabilitation for Bambi! During this time Dr. Parsley will be using therapeutic ultrasound that helps heat the tissue, manual therapy to help relax the tissues, and physical rehabilitation like passive range of motion to promote movement in her joints. We will still need to pay for any medications (sedation) and a hospitalization fee which totals approximately $125-150 per session. Bambi will need to go to Tufts twice a week for at least a month to see if any progress can be made with mobility of her back legs.


Here’s where we need your help. We are looking for sponsors for each of Bambi’s sessions. Sponsors can donate for a whole session or even part of a session. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sponsors will be listed under their sponsored session with Bambi's update.

Click here to see Bambi's Sponsored Sessions -  Donate here as well


Update 3/23/23 

Unfortunately, nothing abnormal was detected by initial Xrays done at the Vets, so she’s off to Tufts to see a specialist tomorrow. An MRI is likely needed to get an answer. Please send positive thoughts and consider making a donation. Thank you


Friends of Bambi

Donations to Date: $1,765

Marvin Reckart

Irina Berezovskaya

Lisa Pirrotta

Wendy Thompson

Evelyn Santos

Margaret Quenneville

Kim Condon, Nora, Neeve & MacGee

Ruth Rietveld-Kirwan

Merri McNeil

Eileen Moss

Elizabeth Ross

Deb Gatto ~ Stay strong Bambi

Taylor McNeal

Susane Zook

Eric Kittell

Diana Speranza~ Prayers for Bambi

Rebecca Hartnett

Eileen Martin

Noreen Cousins

Kathleen Clyne

Wendy Thompson

Carly Cutler

Paula Vanner

Laura Winnie

Diana Speranza

Jeremy Booty

Ann DiBenedetto

Joyce Poirier

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