Age: 4


Weight: 7 lbs



Bebe is a sweet 4-year-old female Yorkie who weighs around 7 lbs. She has the cutest smile when she is happy to see you and a longer tail that wags non-stop. She loves being on the couch with you but will also take her alone time and loves relaxing in a covered bed. She rides well in the car and enjoys being out in a fenced-in yard. We have not had her out walking on a leash yet. She is pretty well house trained using a pee pad and going outside. She just needs to learn where the pee pad is. She gets along with other small dogs but has not played with anyone, but seems to enjoy their company. We really cannot say enough good things about this little girl.

If you would like to be considered for Bebe once she has been spayed please fill out an application.