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Female  Age: 9   


Weight:  5.7lbs


Update 10/30/22

Bella had surgery to remove all masses. We just received word that biopsy’s came back negative! Bella is cancer free!!


Meet Bella. This little 9yo senior lady was picked up as a stray in Boston and brought in to local shelter. She is the sweetest 5.7lb bug; but unfortunately, she has been quite neglected, and had never been spayed. She now has several masses along both mammary chains. (This can almost always be avoided by spaying your female dogs)The shelter contacted us hoping we’d take her in to remove and biopsy the masses. And we never say no, so….She is now spayed updated on vaccines and had a dental cleaning. She is loving her foster home and all the pups she’s met! She is the easiest baby and is taking everything in stride. She’ll be going in for surgery in the next week or so to remove masses and have them biopsied. Please keep her in your prayers that this is nothing serious. And please consider a donation to give Bella the new beginning she deserves!


Donations to date:  $955.00

Darlene McCarthy

Lisa Pirrotta

Susan Perry

Wendy Thompson

Erin Bush

Rachel Yerakes

Katrina Kozak

Sherry Chauvin

Maureen Tobin

Cecilia Begg

Ruth Rietveld-Kirwan

Kevin & Cat

Russell Miller

Kathleen Clyne

Mary Lawrence

Linda Weltner

Joanne Carleton

Dennis Christofi

Laura Castorena

Denise Rosenkrantz

Jhenifa Parker

Jean Barboza

Karen Richards

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