Bella & Winston

Brother and Sister Pair


Age: 11


Weight: Bella 6 lbs, Winston 9 lbs



Bonded Pair


Bella and Winston are the cutest brother and sister pair! They have always been together so we are looking for a home that has room for two lovable sweet dogs. These two 11 year-old Yorkies have found themselves in need of a new loving home due to their owner going into a nursing home. Bella weighs around 6lbs and is super friendly and affectionate. She loves to be close by. Her brother Winston is 9 lbs and can be shy till he gets to know you, but once he does he is just as lovable. They both enjoy snuggling on the couch with you and sniffing around outside. They also love the car and do well riding in it.


They have been doing very well with house training using either a pee pad or going outside. Winston sometimes struggles to get up if he is lying on one specific side, and does have loose knees but gets around fine and recently has been running outside loving the nice weather. He is a little overweight and would benefit from losing some weight which would help with his knees. Both of them don't have any major health issues but typical age-related ones, such as missing/no teeth and beginning to get hazy eyes but get around fine.


If you would be able to open your home and heart to these two sweeties please submit an application.