Looking for a "Forever Foster" Home



Age: 5


Weight: 8 lbs



Special Needs. Seizures, special diet, medication: 1/2 pill 3x daily



Benny came to us as an urgent plea. Benny is a 5yo 8lbs male Yorkie who was suffering from seizures and possible Liver Shunt. His previous owner could no longer provide for his care. He had not received any diagnostic testing and had been placed on a very strong barbiturate! We took him in and immediately headed to Tufts where we have started diagnostic testing. As of right now it appears he does not have a liver shunt. His Bile Acid test was normal. He is being weaned of the Phenobarbital for seizures and over to Keppra which is milder on his tiny system. He is also on a low protein diet to ease the work of his liver. The liver does look enlarged right now so further testing will be needed once we have him completely weaned. He is doing well with the transition. He will need some further testing...If you can help with a donation to his care we would appreciate it. Your name will be listed as  a friend to Benny.

Update: 1/26/2017: Benny is off the Phenobarbital completely and we are seeing a different dog! He is much more responsive and we aren't seeing nearly the neurological deficits we saw when he first arrived.  We aren't even sure the small episodes he's having are true seizures. His personality is now showing through and this pup couldn't get any more loving or attentive. Loves to follow you everywhere. Will snuggle for hours. He is very quiet and is house trained! Our vet has asked us to watch him for another couple weeks and then we will reevaluate. 

12/14/17: Benny had an MRI and a spinal tap, both came back completely normal! He is still having episodes so we need to do further testing. We are looking to have a nuclear dye study done in the next week. This test is very expensive approx $1500 but should be able to let us know what is going on with Benny. 

12/28/17: Benny had a nuclear CT scan that showed no shunt so that is not definitely ruled out. They did find some fine crystals in his urethra that we will be having removed. We will also be revisiting the neurologist to get his final thoughts.


Looking for a "Forever Foster" Home


6/25/18:  Though we have done every test we could to determine the cause of Benny's seizures we have not been able to get an answer. Benny continues to do well on the Keppra but still has a seizure or two each week. He is also on a special kibble to keep him free of crystals in his urine. Benny is a sweet low key dog who acts much older than his 5.5 years. He doesn't really interact with other dogs or even people much, except to get petted or lay close by.  Because of Benny's limitations and special needs we have decided to make him a "Forever Foster". This means we are looking for a permanent foster home for him where he can be loved and get the attention he deserves but Yorkies Inc will continue to pay for his meds, special diet kibble, and vetting expenses. Foster home would provide the love!  Benny is a very quiet dog and doesn't bark at all! He loves his bed and being close and getting patted. We are looking for a special home with a single person or couple that is home more. Experience with small dogs, or seizures and/or special needs would be optimal. If you think you'd like to be a Forever Foster for Benny please submit an adoption application.


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