Age: 5 months


Weight: 3 lbs



Surgery/biopsies needed
Not available for adoption yet.


We received a plea from a shelter asking if we could take in a 5-month-old 3lb female Yorkie puppy with multiple health issues and in need of surgery. Cali had a severe UTI, bladder stones, hernias and high bile acid test which usually means a liver shunt! We picked her up and she was brought directly to Tufts in Grafton. She stayed and surgery was done and the stone was removed along with biopsies of both kidneys and liver. Those were all sent out and we are waiting on results. She is recovering and is doing well.


She won’t be available for adoption until biopsy results are back. Please consider a donation to her surgery and expenses. All donators will be listed as a “friend” of Cali.

Friends of Cali

$2,144 raised

Ron & Donna Smith

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Rebecca Hartnett

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