Thank you and Happy New Year!
Christmas List

In loving memory of our wonderful little boy Oliver who passed away on Halloween. ~Marvin Reckart 

Janet Shiels 

Every one at Yorkies Inc. Thank you for everything you do. Merry Christmas & A Happy & Healthy New Year. Love & Licks Sasha & Mollie Bissonnette Cwiek

In memory of my Emmy-- always in my heart. She inspired me to go on saving more dogs. ~Deborah Vogt 

Tanya Slattery 

In memory of my sweet Yorkie angels - Zack, Bailie, Cory, Sydney, Sampson and Mikey! ~ Vicky Tierney

In memory of my beloved yorkies, Yanu, Maggie and Mia and in celebration of my new little yorkies from Yorkies Inc Yara and Maya! ~ Jacqueline McKenna

 Best wishes from Biscuit and Charlie(Harley) ~ Dennis Carroll

Remembering Abby, Winston, and Maggie Mae, our Yorkie angels, and honoring Buddy and Honey, our current "terrorists". ~ Betsy Faraci

In loving memory of Petey and Roxy, forever in our hearts. ~Robin and Rennie

In memory of our beloved little girls Serena and Cinnamon who both passed away this year. ~ Bill and Deb Seniw, Maxi and Smidgin

In memory of our Penelope for her unconditional JOY and LOVE.  ~ Lauren & Robert Chotalal

Merry Christmas from John, Gail, Jennifer & Bambi

In memory of my beautiful and loving Eddie Joe. I'll miss you forever baby boy. ~ Ruth Molin

In celebration of all the beautiful pups, and in appreciation of all that you lovingly do for them! Our heartfelt Thank You... Happy Holidays! ❤ Tom and Jill Garvey

In memory of my beautiful Buttercup. Desi and I miss you so much. Thank you Kerrianne and Cathie for all you do for these precious little ones. Jackie Riley

In memory of Spanky. So missed. Merry Christmas!!! Bentley and Baron Thomas

WIth Love from all of us at A Dog's Day Away LLP Daycare for Small Dogs

Happy New Year! Thanks for all you do. From Jan Tunney and little Dino

Merry Christmas Trainor Family from Liza Madigan

Theresa Cameron

In memory of our very sweet pom, Jasmine. We miss her and am so thankful to have had her in our life, thanks to Yorkies Inc. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. ~ Ronald Cherkasly

Merry Christmas. ~ David and Linda Gilbert

Merry Christmas & Happy Healthy New Year ~ Laura Cavilla

Thank you for all you do! ~ Daniel O’ Brien

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year  ~ Carol Robb

 Keep Saving those little ones ~ Love Ron & Donna Smith Zoe, Cassie & Lily are doing well!

Edward Sullivan