Age: 8 months


Weight: 4 lbs



Accessed at Tufts by Neurologist Dr. Faissler for severe Atlanto-Axial subluxation between C—C2 vertebrae.

See the update below.

Update 1/28/20

Cricket is doing very well! And is just a gorgeous Yorkie! Full of fun and so playful! You’d never know anything was remotely wrong with him! He was just recently rechecked by his neurologist  Dr. Faissler at Tufts in Grafton,  Ma. There is a slight AAI luxation but he’s doing so well that Dr. Faissler isn’t sure he’d go ahead with the surgery. He presents as a normal dog. He does still wear his neck brace at all times and should not be left alone to jump off furniture etc. The doctors would like to reassess him in another month or so. At that time, bones would be just about full-grown and if surgery is recommended then he’d be at a better stage. It is a potential to just let him live with a neck brace which doesn’t bother him at all. To him, it’s like a typical dog collar yet protects his vulnerable area. We’d like to find him the right home where he’d be able to play safely with another small dog under 10lbs and a lower-key situation. If that were the case we’d decide together with new home if we move forward with surgery. Of course it would be covered by Yorkies Inc. Cricket is housetrained to a pee pad and will go outside if taken. He is up to date and neutered. He is now 8 months old and weighs just about 4lbs and shouldn’t get much bigger.  

If interested in adopting please submit an application.

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