Age: 1


Weight: 7.5 lbs



Would do best with a fenced-in yard and another playful dog or active person.


Meet Darby! He’s a loving Biro Yorkie who can’t get enough attention and play. At just 1 year old and 7.5lbs, he’s a small boy. Darby is a resilient dog, who does great with kids, cats, and other dogs. He comes from a home with two cats, and makes friends easily! Darby loves to snuggle and sleep with people, and being hypoallergenic there’s no worries of waking up sneezing. He does have his issues though, he can be scared easily and if you aren’t careful he’ll urinate indoors. He also needs to be taken out regularly, adhering to a potty training regimen isn’t his strong suit.  The ideal owner for Darby is someone who is home most of the time. Darby would do best with a fenced yard and he could use the company of another playful dog or an active person that would take him hiking or throw a Frisbee etc. 

If interested in Darby please submit an application.