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Age: 4 (as of 7/9/24)

Weight:  23 lbs

Meet the most handsome boy Duley!!! He came to us after his owner's health meant they could no longer reliably walk him. They live in a condo with no fenced yard, and Duley is reactive to some things when on a leash. In foster care Duley has only shown reactivity to cyclists going by, and dogs walked by people he does not know. He is not reactive to vehicles, known dogs walking with him or just in front of him, or people walking by. Duley is easily redirected and calmed by walking briefly in the other direction, then back again as needed, followed by pats and treats. He's making great progress!!! Duley went to dog parks with his prior owner and was not reactive to dogs off leash. Duley loves to hang in the back fenced in yard and take in the sights and smells. 


Duley turned 4 in February, weighs 23 lbs, is neutered, is fully vetted, and an athletic boy. He takes fluoxetine for anxiety. He is potty trained on a schedule, and will also let you know when he needs to go outside. He is cooperative with grooming. It is very likely Duley is hard of hearing except for very high pitched sounds (siren, whistle, small foster pup's bark). He is a smart boy and aims to please. He's learning American Sign Language modified for dogs, and making splendid progress. 


In his foster home Duley has found a spot in every room where he lays down and snoozes or observes from his perch. He is calm, quiet, and relaxed. Duley loves to be loved. He readily comes to you for pats and scratches or rolls over for a belly rub. He gives kisses and gazes adoringly into his foster momma's eyes. He's an absolute love and gem of a pup! Duley is petrified of brooms (attacks them), but not of rakes, vacuums, or other household tools. Duley does not show separation anxiety, although he prefers your company and his tail wags non-stop when you return.


Duley is looking for a quiet home with a fairly predictable schedule where he can lounge outside in a fenced in yard, gets lots of love, and go for walks. He can be an only dog or live with a quiet and calm larger dog. If you're looking for the best companion, a gem of a pup, and can learn or know some sign language to help him understand better, then Duley is your boy.


If interested in Duley please fill out an application. 

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