Gizzy and Pepper

Bonded Pair


 Meet Gizzy and Pepper. Gizzy is a female Chi/Jack Russel Mix who is 6 years old and weighs around 7 lbs. Pepper is a male Maltese/Pomeranian Mix who is 7 years old and weighs around 7 lbs.


Pepper loves all animals and can be quite "yappy" when excited, including barking at new people till he gets to know them and of course any squirrels. He is not a big snuggler,  but loves to play and be chased around.


Gizzy can be shy and skittish till she warms up which can take a little bit of time with new people. She will run and hide till she gets to know you. Once she knows you though she loves to be carried and snuggled. She is a true little lap dog. Gizzy is pee pad trained and while she will also go outside she does not enjoy going for walks like Pepper does. She can be a little lazy.


They are both use to having a fenced in yard to explore and potty in and would love their new home to also have a fenced in yard. They still need to be vetted before they will be ready for their new home. Thank you.


Pepper and Gizzy went to the vets for an exam and updating on vaccines. While examining Pepper the vet heard a slight heart murmur and also a "gallop" sound. Due to having no previous vetting and the sound of the "gallop" in his heart Pepper will going to the cardiologist for a full work up and an echocardiogram. His his cardiology appointment is estimated to cost around $675. If you would like to become a friend to Pepper and  donate towards his vetting care it would be greatly appreciated. All friends will be listed below. 

If interested in adopting this duo please submit an application.

Friends of Pepper

$355 raised

Ruchi Shandilya

Janet Shiels

Nancy McCannell

Ruth Rietveld-Kirwan

Deborah Pollina

Sylvia Vasquez

Kimberly Marshall

Jean Asadoorian

Mary Lawrence

Eileen Moss