Lilac and Brandi

Bonded Pair Sisters


Age: Lilca 4, Brandi 3.5


Weight: 12 - 14 lbs



Bonded Pair


Lilac and Brandi are an adorable bonded pair of female Yorkshire Terriers. Lilac is 4 years old and weighs around 12 lbs and her sister Brandi is 3.5 years old and slightly bigger than Lilac. They have been together since puppies and get along great together due to this reason we are only adopting them out as a pair.  These bigger female Yorkies are young and healthy and would be great in any home. They do well with children and would love a fenced yard to play in! They are also great on walks and love playing fetch with toys. They can safely be left in the home or will crate together if needed.

They are great with baths and enjoy being groomed.  They are trained to potty outside in a designated area but will also use a pee pad in the house for emergencies. They love snuggling on the sofa and are very well behaved. These two girls have been well cared for and it shows. Sadly a divorce and ultimately more hours at work has forced previous owners to consider their well being. 


If interested in Lilac & Brandi please submit an application quickly…these two won’t be in need long.