Lilly and Bear


 Yorkies Inc was contacted last night about two very sick puppies, Bear a 3-month-old male Maltipoo & Shiztzu Mix, and Lily a 7-month-old female Chihuahua who both needed medical care right away or they would be humanely euthanized. Yorkies Inc could not let that happen without giving them a fighting chance so of course we said we would take them both into our rescue!!


These two sweet little puppies who have had an unfair start in life. Bear and Lily have been diagnosed with Parvo and are now fighting for their lives from a preventable illness if they had been properly vaccinated. They spent last night, at the vets, receiving IV fluids and medications due to severe hypoglycemia. We are hoping they are stable enough to make the trip to Tufts where they will spend the next several days receiving ICU medical care. Please keep them in your thoughts as they are very sick and have a long road ahead of them. Also please consider making a donation as their vetting is going to be quite costly. Thank you! 

11/30 Update

Both Bear and Lily have been safely transported to Tufts where they will continue to receive around the clock medical care. Please keep them in your thoughts as they are still very sick and weak with them both having their ups and downs. 

12/1 Update

Both Lily and Bear continue to have no interest in eating and continue to have loose stools. Due to not wanting to eat they are having feeding tubes put in to hopefully help stimulate their stomachs. Please continue to keep them in your prayers.

Arriving at Tufts

12/4 Update

Both pups have been moved out of the ICU and are now just in isolation where they will be for at least the next few days. They have both eaten a little bit of food and seem to be feeling a little better. Lily has been curious of her surroundings and Bear wagged his tail for the first time. Their vetting is currently at $7,100 please consider making a donation. Thank you for your continued support.



Both pups continue to do well and are in a medical foster home where they will continue to be closely monitored and watch to make sure their health doesn’t decline now that they are no longer receiving supportive care at Tufts. Their final vet bill was just over $8400.




Both pups continue to do well in their foster home. They are becoming stronger and healthier each day. They are eating and going to the bathroom with no issues. They are enjoying going for little walks around the yard and playing with toys. Once medically cleared they will be fully vetted and ready for their new forever homes.

Friends of Lilly and Bear


Shirley Geis

Kimberly Shea

Cynthia Minkle

Harriet M Stich

Janet Rochlin-Germanton

Eric and Karen Kittell

Helen Gross

Kimberly Marshall Condon

Lori Lannon

Carol Urmy

Paulette Little

Marsha Darvin

Audrey Folan

Ryan Poitras

Nancy Swanson

Carol Leronmiro

Kristen Hayes

Cherie Davis

Marina Donahue

Susan McKenzie

Heather Martin

Maureen McAllister

Carianne Bennett

Diana Wentworth

Francisca Matola

Ann Marie Ralli

Cathy Valente

Stefania Lugli

Kara Whitman

Lisa Carter 

Melissa Gerrity

Ruchi Shandilya

Ingrid Magnuson

Samantha Hicks

Rachael Truong

Meredith Peterson

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Meghan Ciavarro

Katelyn Hassell

Jennifer Chisholm

Pamela Stclair

John Canty

Kristine Lo

William Seniw

Christine Cochrane

Ruben Montano-Lopez

Kathy Greene and Linda Quintiliani

Kim and Tom Derocher

Cynth I Wallach

Zoe McCarthy

Allyson Sendyk

Jean Asadoorian

Kelly McPherson

Rachel Soucy

Allyson Shean

Mary Collins

Lisa Blackmore

Elizabeth Fulp

Maureen Drewniany

Susan Troiano-Elias

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Wendy Nightingale

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Christie Merino

Mary Lawrence

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Janet Oborski

Nyvoeun Miech

Danielle Slaughter 

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Veterinary Comparative Respiratory Society & Dr. Elizabeth Rozanski 

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