Pip Squeak



Age: 4 months





Surgery needed to correct a cleft palate.

Meet Pip Squeak! She came to us right after Thanksgiving at just 4 weeks old and just 8.4 oz! Born with a cleft palate and unable to nurse, she needed to be syringe-fed every few hours in order to survive. It was touch and go for that first couple of months. There were a few sleepless nights and even more tears that we weren’t going to be able to do this. But in true Yorkie spirit and with all the will to live, Pippi thrived and grew stronger! She’s now 4 months old, feisty, and finally old enough for surgery to correct the cleft. The surgery scheduled March 12th, at Tufts in Grafton, will allow her to eat and drink normally, without fear of aspirating. This could result in pneumonia or worse.  


Please keep her in your prayers, and if possible consider a donation to help with her surgery. Donators will be listed as a Friend of Pippi. Thank you for your support.

Friends of Pip Squeak

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