Male    Age: 3


Weight:  7.5 lbs



Needs work on house training

Update 1/26/22

Remy was released from the hospital last Friday after almost a week on oxygen! He did ok for a couple days but then was on a respiratory decline and the vet suggested we get him back to the hospital. He spent Monday thru today back in the ICU. He is still pretty congested with hacking and coughing but it seems this is just going to a long road to recovery. The plan is to give him a week or so to recoup and then he’ll be back for a recheck with slight sedation and scoping the throat to see what’s going on. This was certainly not what we had expected when trying to help him, nor was this planned for financially. His expenses are now at about $7000! Please help us if you can, and please continue to send some positive thoughts and prayers.  Thank you to all!  


Update 1/15/21

Please keep Remy in your thoughts and prayers. He went into Tufts for a simple procedure on his larynx on Friday. He ended up vomiting that night and now is on oxygen with aspiration pneumonia. He also has a fever. We will know more in the next 24-48 hours about how he is doing. In the meantime, he will remain on oxygen and could use lots of prayers. His bill is also going to be around $4500 which is a lot more than we planned. If you could make a donation to his vetting it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

Remy is a sweet 3-year-old male Yorkie who weighs around 7.5lbs. Remy loves to snuggle and cuddle and is looking for a home with someone who is home more than not. Remy will need continued work on house training. He has been fully vetted and he is ready for his home.


If you are interested in being considered for Remy please submit an application. Thank you!

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