Age: 14 weeks





Suspected of having Liver Shunt as she has tested high on two 

BATs (bile acid test) which were done recently.

We got the call to take in this sweet little 14 week old female Yorkie who is suspected of having a liver shunt. She’s testing very high on two BAT (bile acids tests) she’s had done.  We’ve named her Ruth, in honor of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It fits her perfectly... she’s feisty, “tiny but fierce”!

The next step for Lil Ruthie will be imaging with an ultrasound to confirm a shunt. Then a plan for surgery to repair the shunt. Liver shunts are a fairly common problem in Yorkies. The surgery and imaging are expensive so we are asking for your help.


If you’d like to donate and become a “Friend to Ruthie” please use the button below. All friends will be listed. And please keep her in your prayers, and check back for updates as we get them.


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