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Minnie with family

My Forever Family.

Hi Kerrianne, Minnie is doing great, eating well, loves roaming around the yard. She took a loooong nap on Monday afternoon - must have been exhausted after Sunday. Last night, we put her on the bed with everyone else and she actually slept there all night! She is a real sweetie-pie! Will keep you posted, Cookie & David & pups

Hi Kerrianne, Minnie is still doing great, a bit more social. She prefers David's lap since Spike and Jojo are always close to or on my lap, but will stay on my lap for a while. Slept on the bed again, so she's getting used to it. When I am in my office, all the dogs, including Minnie, are laying around me. We're trying to figure out her signals - from standing and staring at us, sitting and staring, or her little yips around the dinner table ... we usually end up picking her up to a lap and helping her down again if that's not what she wanted! Question - do you know if she ever had anything done to her vocal cords? She has such a tiny little bark, if I can even call it a bark, more of a squeak. Thank you and Yorkies Inc again! Cookie


Hi Kerrianne! We've seen the "happy dance" a couple of times in the last 2 days! So cute! She also wiggles when we rub her back/butt near her tail! More to come...Cookie

9/12: Hi Kerrianne, I've been thinking about emailing you for a while, wanted to have a pic to send you - will send one from my phone... Minnie is doing great! Loves sitting on David's lap, begs for snacks, rests next to the other dogs! We heard her bark for the first time yesterday!! A couple of raspy little woofs, a big surprise ;) She has made herself welcome here and is quite perky. She still does her staring thing - funny - and likes exploring the yard, walking the perimeter fence. She makes her funny little noises only when she is on David's lap when we're watching TV and she stops when we pet her. Haven't figured that out yet. She is such a cutie-pie and sweetie - we love her! Will take a pic later today and send it to you! Cookie and David, etc.

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