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Jerry with family.

My Forever Family.

Hi Kerri, Jerry (now Rocky) was very good. He was good until 6am then and then he let me know he had to go out. He slept with me and gizmo all night. He is so sweet He is doing fine. He is eating and checking the place out. I think he knows he is in a good place. I speak softly to him so he will not be afraid. Thank you,Christine

1/11/16 Hi Kerri, I think Gizmo is a little jealous, he does not come and sit with me like he used to so I pick him up and give him kisses and the three of us sit on the chair. One on each side of me. Jerry (now Rocky) and Gizmo like each other though. We all slept together last night. The two of them follow me all around the house . Rocky is doing well going out side too. He goes to the french doors because he knows that is the way out. I think he really likes the yard. The snow is gone now so he does the perimeter with Gizmo. They are so cute together. When they get to the end of the fence Rocky waits to see where Gizmo is going and then he follows.Christine

1/12/16 Hi Kerri, Yes all is well. I think Jerry (now Rocky) is doing well. He seems comfortable with us and we all sleep together. Rocky loves everyone. My daughter in law and grandson came over today and he went right up to them and put his paws on their legs. He let them pay him and then he went off to the chair. Thank you again.Christine

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