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Baxter with family.

My Forever Family.

Hi Kerri, I was going to email you this morning. Baxter is the SWEETEST boy I ever seen! We are so in love, specially Adam since now he feels he finally has a dog he can play ball. Baxter is exactly like you said, loves to play, when we take him for his daily walk he charges at other dogs (but never does with Liberace unless Liberace goes for his food so I am supervising their meal time since they have a tendency to eat each other's food). They are not BFF's yet (mostly because Liberace is a weirdo) but they sleep close to each other in the couch when I am working. We are taking Baxter for a 20 minutes walk to work on his bootylicious figure I want to thank you for all the work you do and to make it possible for people like me to not have a pet but to feel in the longest time that I have a family. Adam and I would be honored to have Baxter forever with us and I am sure Liberace deep inside thinks the same. Again, thank you and please make it official otherwise I will kidnap Baxter! :) I will keep you posted on the progress and send you pictures. Have a great week and please let me know if Baxter can be forever mine and if there is anything else we need to do!


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