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My Forever Family.

Out little love bug is doing absolutely fabulous. Cy and Oliver greeted each other by sniffing each other, then they both lowered their front paws and body looking at each other (like two little sumo wrestlers) then spun around and around then ran after their toys. Oliver jumped in the Cuddle Cup I bought Cy, so Cy peed on Oliver's bed. Typical men declaring their territory. On their walks I made sure to use a shorter leash on Cy so Oliver would be the pack leader. Every place Oliver piddled so did Cy, obviously doesn't want his brother to out do him, haha. They are getting along so well as I knew they would. When we sat on the couch to watch a movie, Oliver immediately jumps up and assumes his position lying on a pillow over my legs and little Cy draped himself across my chest. That's where they slept for the duration of the movie, they were so tuckered out from playing and their walks. There does not appear to be any issues and I feel they will become best buddies as time progresses. This morning was the first time since Ginny passed that Oliver didn't whimper or bark when I left for work. Ron is home (Monday's/Fridays) with them today and I have to tell you, my husband is a total moosh with Cy. He thinks he is the cutest dog on the planet. He spent a lot of time with the both of them yesterday on the floor and in the back yard exploring.

Cy only had one accident the first hour he arrived, but has done exactly as Judy said. I feed him and take him out within ten minutes and he does his business, like clockwork. He has an appointment with my vet on Wednesday for a check up. I notice he gets excited sometimes and has a slight cough sort of a honking sound and sneezes. My Ginny had a collapsed trachea so I want to have him checked for that. It may be he just gets over excited and has allergies. Lord knows I can relate.

Cy is such a bundle of energy and such a happy pup, he just makes us smile. All my colleagues at work fell in love with him when I showed them pictures this morning of he and Oliver.

Cathie, I can't thank you enough for choosing me to be his forever mom. I guarantee you he will be given the care and love he deserves. It's definitely going to be a very Happy Thanksgiving this year!!!

PS: I have a girlfriend who may be getting in touch as she is interested in becoming a foster mom. Julie Ann Fraser

Oh, by the way, cash the check……there's no way I would ever give Cy up! Happy Thanksgiving!

Update:11/18/16Cathie, While at the vet last night for Cy's check up, he told me to ask if Cy has been on his heartworm medication (when was his last dose) and what brand. Can you provide that information so I can relay it to him, please? I'm working from home today and the "boys" are sound asleep on the couch after having exhausted themselves chasing after each other, leaping over their beds and tossing toys in the air…..they are officially brothers now.

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