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Samantha and her family

My Forever Family.

Good morning,

Our first night went well. She is very sweet and playful. She is a snuggler at night. She slept between us last night. Sammy and Charlie started playing last night. A game of chase and tug of war. We are going for our first car ride this morning. They are really funny together. They get each other barking at just about anything. I know you must miss her. It is so easy to attach. That's why we have our fur babies. We will keep in touch.


Hi Kerri, I was just going to give you an update. She is wonderful. She is so playful and loving. Sammy and Charlie are getting along great. She has met a lot of her dog cousins and loves them all! She is so smart. We have been working on the come command and she comes running. Especially because she knows she gets a treat and a lot of praise. Chad taught her down. We are also working on wait at the door before going in and out. She does not like it when anyone leaves. I had to go in to the office for a meeting yesterday and she grabbed my pant leg. She gets very upset. I know this will take a little bit of time. We just love her so much. I will check in again next week. She is meeting our vet on 8/13 for a meet and greet. Thank you for her. ♥😊


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