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Bella & Winston

Bella & Winston

My Forever Family

Hi Kerrianne,

We just wanted to let you know that Bella and Winston are a wonderful addition to our family! Bella is a sweetheart who loves everyone and just wants to snuggle. Winston is quirky and a bit silly at times. He follows me everywhere and he has even starting to beg for me to hold him. We are so happy and grateful to have them. Thank you for everything!

-The Medeiros Family

Good morning !

They are doing remarkably well! Settling right in and their little personalities are coming out! Winston is especially funny, we love them so much!They had their vet appointment yesterday and everything went well, nothing unexpected. Bella needs to lose weight and Winston got more eye meds. Thanks again for everything, enjoy your summer!



Hi Kerrianne!

Just wanted to let you know that everything is going great and they are adjusting really well! Winston is my shadow whichI love, lol. We believe that we are a perfect match. You can mark them as adopted if you want, we are definitely keeping them and I'd like to have it final please. We see the vet Monday tooThanks again for everything!!! Enjoy your summer!


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