My Forever Family 





Hi Kerri,


Things are great. We took a ride up to Marshfield today. He has a snoozer in the car and slept most of the ride up and back. He’s eating well and poops daily. I couldn’t be any happier with him. He’s so lovable.







Hi Kerri,


Saturday has been a very good day. He’s eating well. The fresh pet was the way to go. He has been out several times and we are gradually going further on our walks. I got up at 6 this morning and he slept in until 8 lol.

I’m attaching a photo and I think it shows that he is settling in.
Thank you once again for choosing me to be his mother.





Hi Kerri,


So far so good. He cried at the door yesterday after you left but settled down after a while. He ate well yesterday X2 but isn’t interested in eating today. Maybe tonight. He slept thru the night in my room last night in another bed. He’s using puppy pads in between out door walks. He is so sweet and loving.  I’m in love with him  already.It was very nice meeting you. 

Talk soon,



Ps my friend who has a yorkie with tracheal collapse wanted me to ask if you had any suggestions.




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