Female  Age: 1   Weight:  3lbs


Notes:  Not yet ready for adoption


Siri is a petite 3lb 1 yo old Yorkie who has a fractured front leg after jumping over a puppy gate! Sadly, this is a frequent injury seen in young petite pups and unfortunately an expensive repair estimated at $5,500!! Luckily, because it’s a common surgery, a repair with a plate and screws, and she should be fine. She won’t be ready for adoption until after she’s healed. Please consider making a donation and becoming a “friend” to our sweet little Siri.


Donations to date:  $2,555.00

Eric & Karen Kittell

Sherry Chauvin

Kimberly Marshall

Laura Foley

Harriet Stich

Deb Pollina and Brian White

Rose Bates

Barbara Yanus

Kim Allard

Christina Jondle

Michele Nicoletti

Janet Rochlin-Germanton

Michael Vincent

Lucille Hayes

Ruth Rietveld-Kirwan


Diane Andriani

Merri McNeil

Eileen Moss

Marvin Reckart