Male    Age: 2


Weight:  4.5 lbs



We got an emergency call from Tufts today to take in a 2 yo male 4.5lb Yorkie with a blockage in his urethra. With ultrasound it was discovered that a stone had formed. “Thoreau” was recently diagnosed with a liver shunt and stones are a common occurrence. He is going to need surgery to remove stone and repair the Shunt. He needs to be on pre-surgery meds for about 2 weeks prior. During that time we will need to monitor him for the stone reoccurrence. The combined surgery is estimated to be $5000. We wanted to give Thoreau the life saving surgery he needs. Please keep this little guy in your prayers. Please also consider becoming a “Friend” to Thoreau by donating to his surgery.

Update 4/20/22
Thoreau had his surgery and is doing really well. They considered the surgery to be successful. If you would like to be considered to adopt Thoreau please submit an adoption application. Now that he is feeling better we are starting to see his full personality. He is still very much puppy and has all the energy that comes with that.  He is beginning to play with the other dogs in the house and would enjoy another small playful dog in his new home. We have had to work on his barking but it is getting much better.  He seems to bark when excited or wants to be with you.  He enjoys walking on a leash and is doing well with house training.

Friends of Thoreau

Donations to date:  $3,025

Peter Deyoung

Heather Medeiros

Rebecca DeMarco

Linda & David Gilbert

Mary Fisher

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