Male    Age: 6 months


Weight:  TBD 



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When it rains it pours! We received another emergency call about a sick 6-month-old male puppy who needed rescue and immediate vetting. We jumped in the car to get him and took him straight to Tufts. With his symptoms we highly suspect another liver shunt. Dr Rozanski at Tufts is currently running diagnostics to find out what is going on with him.  He is very thin, no appetite and his head is bobbing a little.


Please keep this little guy in your thoughts and please consider making a donation to help with our vetting expenses. We really could use your support right now. Between Remy, Thoreau and now this little guy we have named him “Walden”.  We have been hit hard with medical bills. Thank you!


All donators will be listed as Friend's to Walden.

Friends of Walden

Donations to date:  $2,408

Kim Swan

Janet Rochlin-Germanton

Nancy McCannell

Robin Gibbs

Glenn Peterson

Pam Hickey

Joe Walters

Eric & Karen Kittell

Cheryl Kroll 

Cathy Jameson

Ellen Russell

Ali Pitcher & Tom Dott

Karen Gabbert

John & Terry Coffey

Camri & Luke Harrington

Robin GrinDrod

Elizabeth Ross

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Deb Pollina & Brian White

Ruth Rietveld-Kirwan

Harriet Stich

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Carol Leronimo

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