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About Us


Yorkies Inc. is a private nonprofit organization dedicated to the well being of the Yorkshire Terrier. We are a very small group of Yorkie friends that have previously belonged to other national yorkie rescue groups. We felt there was a need to bring things down to scale and focus on the pups themselves. In October 2004 we joined efforts to form Yorkies Inc., a new type of organization dedicated to help Yorkies in need of re-homing for whatever the reason.  Because we are small we offer a personal approach and bonding to the dogs that is often lacking in other national groups. We can also work very closely with the surrendering family or breeder to insure peace of mind to them, while offering safe and caring foster homes knowledgeable of the breed.  We take great pride in providing the very best veterinary care and finding the

very best forever homes for the dogs entrusted to us. It is because of this passion for the breed that we are very selective on the homes in which we will place our Yorkies. All our pups are completely vetted and are spayed or neutered before placement. Yorkies Inc. is located in Massachusetts and serves the New England States.   

Why we are not called a "Rescue"​

We decided not to include the word "rescue" in our name, or to be considered a "rescue" of sorts. Why? because we felt that the majority of the Yorkies surrendered to us were not in "need" of being rescued. Rather these Yorkies needed to be re-homed:  adopted and loved as they had within their previous homes Because we are small and not a "rescue" we can also offer a more personal approach by working directly with the previous caregivers. This allows them some input so they may know what type of home their "baby" will be going to. They may even choose to get updates of how he or she is doing in their new home.  We also offer this same service to Yorkie breeders in finding perfect homes for their retired dogs. Total anonymity is also offered to any surrendering party if desired.

That is not to say we don't rescue...

Our first concern is the welfare of any and all Yorkies in need, which means Yorkies Inc. does typical "rescue" work as well.  We will network with other Yorkie rescues and small dog rescues, and we also take in and re-home Yorkies from local shelters whenever needed. They get the same love and care as any of our Yorkies.  We remain nonprofit as the pups that are surrendered to us do receive complete vetting done by our private Vets prior to being adopted into a new home. This includes spays or neuters and needed dentals or surgeries. Our adoption fee's rarely cover these costs, that is why we rely greatly on donations and our occasional fundraisers.

Two long haired Yorkies
What we offer

We are able to offer safe, loving, Yorkie oriented foster homes, and personal attention to finding a perfect new match for both you and your Yorkie.  Whether you are looking to re-home your beloved furry family member because of an unexpected lifestyle change, or you are a breeder who is ready to place that sweet female so she can be enjoyed by her very own special someone; we can find that new perfect home. Often times a dog can end up being surrendered simply because that cute puppy ended up NOT the dog thought to be, through no fault of the dog or his care giver. Adopters of re-homed dogs can avoid this because size and temperament is already determined. So if you are looking for a companion for casual walks, or shopping, or hiking, or even just evenings sitting at home we can help find you that perfect pup.  This way if it's a "couch potato" you want we can be sure you don't end up with the "Frisbee Champ!" That perfect match is just as important to the Yorkie as it is to you! While our focus is on Yorkies, we will on occasion assist in finding perfect homes for other small breed dogs.

Our goal

Pet stores buy their animals from puppy mills located mainly in the mid west and southern states but are heard of throughout the United States. Most of these animals live in horrendous conditions and are bred over and over again regardless of their health or age. Buying a pup from a Pet store insures that this cycle will continue and remain strong. Wouldn't it be nice if instead we looked to adopting a pup from a reputable breeder or a dog looking to be re-homed, be it rescue, shelter or otherwise.

If not a re-homed pup, then a reputable breeder NOT a pet store pup!   

Yorkie sitting on a bed

Please do not confuse reputable breeders with puppy mills.  A reputable breeder has healthy, well cared for breeding stock and is knowledgeable about every aspect of the particular dogs they breed.  They are informative and honest people who are willing to spend the necessary time with a prospective family to ensure the puppy is going to a good placement. You will be able to see the "mom" and often the "dad" of the pup you are interested in. You will get some kind of guarantee against genetic defects common to the breed. These people care about the dogs they

breed. They also "retire" their dogs when the dog is no longer going to be used for breeding for whatever reason. This allows them to cull unwanted traits in future litters, be it an undesirable coat, gait, bite, age, or any number of reasons. By retiring these dogs the breeders can improve the dogs in their own breeding program and there by clearing the way to improve the Yorkshire Terrier breed itself. But most of all, retiring the dog is a selfless act by the breeders to love them enough to allow their dogs a whole new aspect of life within a home that can give them one on one attention and simply be a beloved pet.

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