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We so love hearing from all our Yorkies Inc. Family & Friends, and reading the wonderful messages each year! Our Christmas List is a wonderful way to support our pups and make a special tribute this Holiday Season!

Don't forget to add your special short message or memorial tribute when donating!

Donations under $50 are in Red

Donations $50 to $99 Green

Donations $100 or more Gold

Thank you for your donations!
Total Raised: $ 4,905
Christmas List

In loving memory of our precious Raz.  ~Kathy & Linda

TT, Tuukka & Stella  ~Kerri

The Team at A Dogs Day Away

Elizabeth Ross

Kaitlin McGonagle

Ronald Cherkasly

Happy holidays to everyone Love Millie and Henry.  ~Deb Gatto

Blessings for all you do for the sweetest babies in the world.  ~Laura Garrity

Debra Lucey

In memory of the best pups Wimbley and Raleigh!  ~Kelly Nelson

In Memory of my sweet Talia, gone but not forgotten.  ~Nancy Joslin

Deborah Girogio

Merry Christmas to all with my love. Paddy

 In memory of Emmy, Rose, Keegan and Molly- all of my Yorkies who are now gone. Mom loves you!     ~Debra Vogt

Carly Cutler

In memory of our Charlie and Red.  ~Linda and Mike Vincent

Stephanie Trainor

Hope this donation helps with all those little angels.  ~ Diane Leal

Merry Christmas to all. Love, The Staffiers (and Rosie)

  We are overjoyed to be spending our first Christmas with our new little girl Ella! Happy holidays to all!    ~ Rennie and Robin

Lisa Pirrotta

In honor of our sweetest Yorkies Inc. alumna, Julie 3.  ~Melissa Cieto

Jenn Silva

To the loving care of the pups and caregivers at Yorkies Inc.

This donation is in loving memory of our beloved Casey who sadly passed early this

year from a battle with Cushing's disease and diabetes.  We miss him dearly.

Thank you for him.   ~ Elin Whittier

In memory of sweet Pollyanna McNeil.  ~ Merri McNeil

Maureen Corbett 

in loving memory of all my Yorkies - Cubby, Obie, Jemy, and Simi who are now stars above.

~ Shirley Geis

In loving memory of My Beautiful Sophie Girl and Sweet Little Skippy Boy who I love and miss dearly.

~ Vicki Tierney

Cathie, something for the little ones.  ~ Rich Gulezian

Thank you for all you do Cathy. In loving memory of our beautiful sweet Amelia Shay who lived and loved until she passed at 15 yrs 2 mos. Always with us. Terry and Mark Cameron

~ Theresa Cameron

With love from Rosie, Trixie and Scooter.   ~ Ruth Rietveld-Kirwan

In loving memory of Dante and Dylan. ~ Tracia Amicucci 

Merry Christmas ~ Bob & Judy DeMoura

Merry Christmas!  We Wish All Much Happiness!

~ Love, Brodie & Charlie and Janice Meehan

Merry Christmas ~ Kathy Clark & “Rufus” 

In memory of Teddy on our first Christmas in 15 yrs without him.  ~ Linda Adamowski 

In loving memory of Princess Margaret Sparkle who lives forever in my heart & in gratitude

for little Jimbo who's spending his first Christmas with me. Thank you for all you do.

I'm wishing 2024 is a year of kindness for all animals. Happy Holiday! ~ Christine Harris

Diane SteMarie 

In loving memory of our dear Corky, whose love and companionship

enriched our lives in ways words can’t express. ” Diana and Steve

Merry Xmas, Thank you for taking care of these babies.  Love Tashi, a baby you saved !

Keep doing what you do so well for these precious Yorkies! ~ Carol Ieronimo    

In memory of Bentley.  Merry Christmas ~ Jim and Louise Thomas & “Baron”

Thank you to Yorkies Inc. for my two great dogs. Cody who is no longer with me but holds a

special place in my heart, and Liam who is my new love. A dog makes a house a home.

~ Suellen Lyons

In memory of Desi (4-16-2007/10-8-2023).  ~Jacqueline Riley

In memory of our Banjo.  ~Deb and Buster

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