Our Monthly Supporters

The pups of Yorkies Inc. have been so blessed with some of the most loving and loyal supporters! We were asked how you could help on a more regular basis so "Our Monthly Supporters" was started.  We can't thank you enough for this continued support!  These monthly donations allow us to always be there for a pup; be it extreme medical concerns, very old or neglected or behavioral issues that always go above and beyond normal vetting expenses.

Thank you for your support!

Christopher Baker
Sherryl Butler & Lynn Young
Debbie Giorgio
Jeannie Moriarty ~ in loving memory of my "Ollie"
Karla Ruzicka
Ali Pitcher & Tom Dott
Janet Shiels
Wendy Scott
Stanbridge College - Nazi Masoum
Tom McDougall and Mary Jane Jolicouer
Louise and Jim Thomas
Elizabeth Ross
Eileen Moss
Catherine Sharbaugh
Deirdre Antonelli
Resa Porter
Julio Quintana Rizzo & Ruben Montana Lopez ~ in memory of "Dante" & "Bella"
Richard Rosenstein
Diane Coombs
Kathy Kent and “Bentley”
Denise Riccio
Lorraine Harrison
Tracey Roselli
Brett E. Murphy Tutoring & Consulting
Jean Asadoorian
Cecilia Begg
Ruth "Cookie" Rietveld-Kirwan
Christopher Baker
Patrice Pratt
Debra Schiavone
Michiko Kita
Ron & Margo Banks
Diane Beauregard
Tiffany Pfleger
Patrice Pratt
Debra Schiavone
Tracia Amicucci
Glenn & Diane Petersen
Rennie & Robin Mirollo
Karen Richards


If you who would like to help with monthly donations be it in memory of a loved one or otherwise, please sign-up by selecting a payment option and clicking the "Subscribe" button below. Your name will be added to our recognition section on this page.

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