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Male    Age: 2 1/2


Weight:  13 lbs

Russell is a 2.5-year-old handsome male Yorkie-Poodle mix who weighs 13 lb. Russel is in need of a new home due to his current owner working long hours and her feeling it is not fair to him. Russell would love a home where his owner is home more than not, someone retired or someone who works from home would be perfect. Russell has a slight case of separation anxiety. He is not destructive when you leave the house, but he will bark and howl till he settles down. Once he knows the routine he does settle in and is not as anxious.


Russell would be fine as the only dog or with it being the right match he would love another dog or possibly two in the house to be with and follow their lead. The best match would be a confident dog slightly smaller than Russell who is alpha and can show Russell the ropes. He does very well with the other dogs in his foster home all of them are slightly smaller in stature than Russell and are used to having other dogs around.  


Russell is a Velcro dog and loves attention and affection, especially snuggling! He enjoys going for walks and running around in a fenced-in yard. Being active and taking long walks and having time to run out in the yard are a must for Russell! He is learning basic commands and seems to be a quick learner, further training we feel will just help with his confidence. He does get nervous/fearful when exposed to items he is not familiar with such as a dog toothbrush or nail clippers and will do a low growl and usually run away. Gentle exposure and positive reinforcement with treats help him get used to these items. He is house-trained if taken out on a regular basis. He is not able to go a full work day (over 8 hours) without going outside. He is up to date on his vetting and neutered. 

If you would like to adopt Russell please submit an adoption application.

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