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Tootsie now Cassie


My Forever Family.

Sorry I haven't written she is keeping me busy. She is learning to sit on command, gobbles her food with the 1/4 tsp wet food added. I stopped the yogurt for 2 days and she barely honks. I call it wheezing but almost gone. Will check with my vet. I have a call into the Vet to set up an appt. Had her playing today with my husband running back and forth barking at him. She met my landlady of the park Stacey who has two yorkies who threw a bunch of toys on the floor and Cassie picked out one she liked. Going to get her one tonight after supper that and a gate so I don't have to worry about her. Almost never uses a pee pee pad. and sleeps all night in the big bed. Set up two huge pillows so she can jump down till I can find some steps. I can't believe all the things she does. She is definitely coming out of her shell I think maybe she was intimidated by the other dogs. Besides I have all day to play with her. She has been meeting all my neighbors and has made a big hit. They all think she is just Beautiful. For some reason I don't understand every time I call her I would call Cassie not Tiffany so think I like it better. Better get it right soon or she won't know what her name is. She unzipped the tent again yesterday and met me at the door. She barks every time someone comes to the door which I like but stops when I ask her too. You can definitely tell this dog has had a lot of love and care. I couldn't have picked a better match. I have chorus tonight for an hour so will wee how she does but so far so good,


4/12: Hi Kathy: Cassie is doing just wonderful. Loves being out in the yard with me. She barks at my neighbor till he says hi, then watches him work. We are going shopping this afternoon to try to find a car seat. Most of them are made for the front seat which I don't think is safe in an accident. She absolutely hates the crate she feels cramped. Am looking for one that will work with my back seat which is a bench seat. She sure does love her green beans and sitting on the back of the couch looking out the window. Couldn't have found a better match. Have to pick up a bag of Halo and some pumpkin and some canned Blue that she loves. Well I am going to have lunch before I go and get my chicken roasting in the oven before I go. I'll keep in touch. She has her first check up Wed. and hope to get her license this week too. Marcy

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