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Kash & Kenzi

 My Forever Family

Hi guys! 

This is Mich. Please meet Kash and Kenzi, my new fur babies. Maybe you remember them listed as Cash and Keno. We got them on New Year's Eve and what a beautiful way to start our 2024. 

A little story. Our 2023 was marked with some sadness because of the passing of our fur baby Charlie in November. His sister Lola, passed away in November 2022. We adopted them as a bonded pair of 12 year old seniors from Yorkies, Inc., last June 2021. Though their time with us was only for a couple of years, we had such a great time and they made such a big impact in our lives. We missed them dearly. 

That's why, my husband and I didn't hesitate to contact Yorkies, Inc when we were looking for new fur babies to pour our love into. Luckily, Kash & Kenzi were available for adoption. They said it takes 3 months for rescue dogs to really feel at home, but so far, Kash and Kenzi had no problem adjusting to us and their new home. We hope to make as many happy adventures and joyful memories with my K-boyz, as we did with Charlie and Lola. 

Thanks to Cathy and Kerrianne for their love, support, and immense work in rehoming these beautiful Yorkies. Thanks for reading our happy tails story! If you like to follow our adventures, you can check us out at our Instagram @kenzikash_cls 

Love, Mich, Kenzi & Kash (and our Poppy) 


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