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Winnie & Letty (formerly Walden and Siri)

 My Forever Family

We have had our two rescues for two months now. From the first time we met, I thought they were the happiest and friendliest pups we had ever met. As they had been used to a pee pad, we were apprehensive about training two, two-year-old dogs to go outside, but after some initial decompression time, and instructions about how to get this desired behavior were learned by us, I am thrilled to report this has been accomplished! They come when they are called and couldn't be sweeter or happier. One would think we were the loves of their life. This may be true now, but I saw this exchange of love between them and their foster mom; she taught them this kind of love could happen! We feel totally happy with this entire experience and are completely grateful to Yorkies Inc. for their loyalty and commitment to all. Lynne & Jack Edwards


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