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Age: 1 (as of 7/3/24)

Weight:  5.5 lbs

Update 7/3/24:

   Tosh went to Tufts for what we were hoping was his final recheck. Unfortunately, the news was not good. The plate in his femor has a slight bend and the bones in both the femur and tibia look mottled. The vet had hoped it could be a sign of infection so he was started on a course of antibiotics. And fluid was sent out for testing. The results came back as negative/no infection which is good but that means the bones are likely deteriorating or have always been too soft to heal correctly. Tosh is a happy healthy little guy but these last 9-10 months have taken its toll on him. He’s been made to withstand crate rest while all the other fosters run and play freely around him. We could pursue another surgery but with absolutely no guarantees, and poor Tosh will be forced to start yet another long recovery of 6-10 weeks of complete crate rest.

   We are still holding out for a miracle in the next week. But we may be forced to face the fact that his leg just can’t be saved. This little guy is resilient and we have seen many pups handle life on three legs happier than the crating he’s continually endured!   Please keep him in your thoughts.


Update 4/28/24:

Tosh had his final surgery and is doing well. More info to follow soon.


Tosh is our “Tart” boy. He weighs 3lbs and is feisty and full of fun! He’s outgoing and loves to play. He has a bad patella on the left side that will need to be surgically repaired. He also has a small hernia that will be repaired during his neuter. 

Tosh is not ready for adoption yet, please check back later.

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