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Mac-n-Tosh Fundraiser

Patella knee surgery is needed for these two 14 week old male siblings that we recently took in.  We thought a contest would be fun!

If you prefer SWEET apples click the RED SWEET apple below the photo to vote for to Mac.  If you prefer TART apples, click the GREEN TART apple below the photo to vote for Tosh.

Your name will be listed below.  Donations under $50, names will be in red, $50-99 in green, $100 or more gold.  Thank you for your support!!

Mac is a “Sweet” boy who is a bit smaller at 2.5 lbs and shyer than his brother. He loves to snuggle and gives the sweetest, tiny little kisses. His right knee needs to be surgically repaired. 

Total Votes:  17

Tosh is our “Tart” boy. He weighs 3lbs and is feisty and full of fun! He’s out going and loves to play. He has a bad patella on the left side that will need to be surgically repaired. He also has a small hernia that will be repaired during his neuter. 

Total Votes:  12
Total to Date :  $1,400
Nancy McCannell
Mary Cronin
Betty DeYeso
Harriet M Stich
Diane SteMarie
In memory of Kiki
Barbara DiNatale
Prayers for their full recovery
Ann Ezekiel
Margaret Quenneville
Maureen Corbett
Elizabeth Ross
Sherry Chauvin
Lisa Pirrotta
Debra Vogt
Darlene Dusseault
Cynthia Reed
Jean Barboza
Deb Gatto
Liliana Alves
Daniel Stanford
John Boyle
Kim Condon

In memory of our

beloved MacGee

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