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My Forever Family.

Hi Kerri, All is going well. After you left, they had an active couple of hours. I finally gave Rummie over to the care of my son and took Cubby into my room where he immediately made himself comfy on my bed. While I read he took a nap. When we were all together again Rummie still wanted to play (he's like the energizer bunny!) and Cubby would play a bit and then run to me for protection (or relief). When I was watching TV, Cubby came and laid on my lap while I tossed a ball for Rummie to chase. Finally Rummie laid down and napped for about a half hour. The both went out and they are very mellow at the moment. Rummie is laying on the floor watching and Cubby has taken possession of my hassock I'll take Cubby in my room for tonight so he is not left alone in a strange house with a strange dog who is trying to force him to play in the middle of the night. Rummie usually starts out downstairs with my son but often in the morning, I will find him upstairs in one of his beds.

So far, so good. I think I'm more exhausted then they are! Thanks for bringing him. Your little guys are so cute - to small for me I'm afraid I'd hurt one by accident - but cute as the dickens! I hope your friend didn't mind the wait in the car. Hope you had some time to visit and explore Portsmouth despite the rain or at least stop along the way home for a nice lunch. Thank you again

3/14 Hi Kerri, I had to work today so the pups were alone for 5 hours. I had my son separate them before he left for work at 11. To save Cubs from Rummie wanting to play all day and still getting to know each other, we put Rummie in the hallway with some of his toys, and Cubs in the kitchen/den with his bed and toys. I was a little apprehensive but they did fine. In fact better than fine. We just went outside. I was tossing snowballs for Rummie while the Cubs was exploring. He wandered quite a distance away and when I called him, he came running back along the maze at full tilt. I think he has found some of his doggie spunk! Right now they are sparring in the middle of the den having a high old time, for a little while, go get a drink of water, and come back and spar again. I am so surprised!! And Cubs is often getting the better of Rummie. I think this exercise will work off some of the weight he has to lose I put down some plain kibble last night as his evening meal and he gobbled it right up. He left a little surprise package on the kitchen floor yesterday when I left for about an hour to go to the store, but these things happen, a new house, feed schedule different, etc. No accidents today. I think we are doing quite well so far!!

Cubby with Rummie

3/16:Hi Kerri, They just had a riotous time in the back yard. I was tossing a tennis ball and Rummie discovered he is faster than Cubby and if he had the ball firmly in his mouth he could run all over the yard and Cubby would chase him. They ran up and down the snow maze lanes for several minutes. Along the back fence, all I could see of Cubby was his ears flying up above snow level as he ran full tilt. Working off those kibble calories! Now they are both mud puppies!! Bath time! I have put a halt to treats when they come back inside, as it seems to cause some serious arguing over who gets a treat first. Oddly there is no snarling about food bowls, Cubby can approach Rummies bowl and vice versa with no snarling. but I continue to feed them separate so each gets their fair share. Between times they rough house, and seem to be having fun. It's just the treats, oh, and when I get home from work, there is some jealousy too. Today we left them alone together in the kitchen/den and there were no bloody fur or ripped up furniture. :) All in all I think he has made himself at home and is happy here. Please deposit the check he has a forever home with us! Thank you again!

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