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Pollyanna with family.

My Forever Family.

Hi Cathie, Just wanted to touch base. Polly and Thor are getting along great!! So funny! She has already been sitting with him in his bed. He wants her to chase him, it is a riot. We are trying to get it on film. I have a couple questions. What do you say when you want her to go to the bathroom some place? Do good girls etc? She has had a few accidents and I wanted to know what to say when I put her on the pad so she will know where to go. Also the food Thor eats is Nutro for toy breeds. No corn, gluten, wheat or soy protein. Have you heard of it? It was vet recommended , but wondering what you thought. It is supposed to be good for skin and coat. I will send photos later of Thor and Polly together. Just wanted you to know she is doing good so you could relax and enjoy Friday night.


Polly & Thor

Polly & Thor

3/21:Kind of a long night. Thor did not want her near him at night. Jt slept with Polly and I slept with Thor. This morning he is back to thinking she is cool. They are both napping together on my lap now, as you can see in the photo. Think it is going fine. Still working on new pee pad concept Calling her Polly puddles. Lol. She is such a little ball of love. I will keep you posted. 3/22: Our little smarty pants has now figured out the pee pad! We made a big deal about how good she was and gave her treats! We used a couple pieces from the sample bags of food you gave us so it would be something different! I napped with the two of them 1/2 the day. They chase each other around like crazy and then jump up to snuggle with me. They are very funny.

3/23:Hi Cathie, Sitting on the couch with my tired dogs. They have been running around the house all morning. Very cute. I got Polly's food through Amazon. I have Amazon Prime so I have 2 day free shipping. Petsmart says they will start carrying it in the store in July. Polly has decided one of Thor's toys is now hers. Very cute. Thor does not mind and has even played with her with it and let her put it in her bed. I was wondering the name/brand of spray you said you put on her teeth. I would like to get some.

Thanks, Merri

Polly in her bed.

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