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Ru with family.

My Forever Family.

Ru with family.

Hi Cathie, just got ur message. Ru is awesome. He does get underfoot but that's ok. We had a houseful today and he was wonderful. It seems the more commotion the better with him. HE ABSOLUTELY loves people and we had a few dogs here of all sizes and he had a great time. So far so good, he seems to be finding his place and is fitting in wonderfully. I kept him in crate overnight in living room and i slept on couch just in case he got nervous but all went well. not even a peep out of him. still waiting to hear his voice but nothing yet. Potty training ok- he will use pee pad but had few accidents but that's ok everything still new to him plus lots of guests due to holiday. HE was the hit of the day with all the relatives and significant pets. He is sleeping now- all pooped out from busy day. I will send pics but I need my daughters to do it since I'm not to savvy on computers. But so far his personality is winning everyone over- he is a luv. Will keep u posted but so far so good. Sincerely , the Kirbys

4/6: Ru had another good nite he got restless at 2 a.m. cuz he had to go pee but i finally got to hear his bark (that is if u want to call it a bark) sounds like a squeaky toy- to cute. He is doing good with pee pad but only for pee, he doesn't poop on it so we are going to work on that. Took him on leash in driveway but he was very nervous, hopefully with the good weather coming we can get him used to leash. I am going to take him to pet store today to pick up some treats that you have listed and a few more toys. We are absolutely in love with him. Will send pics soon but i need my daughter to teach me how and im not sure if my phone can do it. Will keep you posted. Janis

Ru in bed.

4/8: Cathie, Ru is fitting in and adjusting just fine. He thinks he owns the house. He sure is a character with a huge personality. We would like to adopt him and give him a forever home. He will be meeting my vet this coming Monday as I have to take Belle in anyways. I did go on Norberts websites (he is so precious) and saw the pics of Ru and all the interest you had in him. I truly feel blessed that we have been chosen to be his family and i promise you that we will do everything possible to give Ru the home that he deserves. Janis

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