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Kiki with family.

My Forever Family.

Happy Mothers Day Cathie! Well we are doing very good with Kiki!! She slept all nite in our room on her blanket! Also did her pp and poop outside!! She is eating well too. She seems happy can tell when her tail wags. I think she's found a home here. We love her !! Have a great day!! When is the heartworm pill due??



Hi Cathie Just wanted to let you know I am doing very well in my new home. I have been doing all my business outside and my Mommy and Daddy get very excited and treat me with a few Cheerios! I will be going to my new Dr on May 17th. Did I tell you I have a new soft bed that I love!! Mommy and Daddy took me for a walk to check out the neighborhood too. I met 2 new friends yesterday! They were cute little girls Emmi and Abbi and boy they really liked me too!! Mommy said I am staying here for good I hope so!! Tell all my friends I said hi but I am happy here! Here is a picture of me.

love, Kiki

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