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Bambi now Jem

Jem with family

My Forever Family.

I just wanted to tell you how much we love Bambi, who my grandson would like to call Jem. She has not stopped all afternoon playing ball, running with PeeAir and having a great time . As soon as she runs out of gas I will get some pics. We love her. Vicki, PeeAir , my mother Elizabeth and grandson Jj who came to see her. 5/31:She had a great nights sleep( me too) PeeAir at the end of the bed, like usual, and Jem right next to me ( love it). She is less stressed this morning I can tell when there tongue is curled when they pant, Jacque used to do that, she loves it outside. She is doing great and does not seem to be sore at all when I pick her up. PeeAir loves her, he is a little selfish with his ball ( which is rubbery) but she prefers the tennis ball. My house looks like I am running a daycare with toys out of the toy box everywhere. I decided on Jen because my grandson said to me, gee grandma it looks like you got a real Gem! Then I remembered his mom growing up liked to watch a cartoon about a girlie rock group "Jem and the Holograms." I like it and she seems to like it too! Have a great day ladies! Vicki

6/1:Hi there! All is great ! Jem has found her spot on the couch, in my bed and next to my mother in her chair like she has lived here forever! I was wondering about her heart worm test and if she is due for her heartguard? Thanks, Vicki

Hi 6/7: Hi there! Just a little update. Jem made her first real outing to a big dog show in Tolland over the weekend. She got to meet Darlene and Ed. Who drove all the way Friday morning from mass to Tolland, CT, and to have her little Pom daisy pass away in her arms in the parking lot. They then drove all the way back to mass to bury her in the pet cemetery. We had a good cry the next morning over her Daisy and my Jacque (who was related to her Fabulous) So everyone loved Jem and she had a great time hanging out. We had a busy day today, me doing my domestic goddess duties and her and PeeAir lounging on the deck after a busy 2 days. I hope all is well in your Yorkie world, I will send you an e- mail after our vet appt. tomorrow. Love her more everyday! Vicki, PeeAir and Jem

Here's Vicki and Jem at "bring you dog to work day"! This little girl is going to have a great life!

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