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Dino with family

My Forever Family.

Hi Kerri , Dino is settling in nicely and I was able to leave him alone to go out to lunch and do a little shopping today, so we've met that hurdle. He's really such a good little dog. I have a new little shadow, which is quite sweet. He spent a few hours on the porch at the Museum this afternoon and met another little Yorkie--they were most disinterested in each other! He ate all his food the first night, but has since only eaten a little more than half. I leave it out for about 20 minutes and then remove it. We go to the vet tomorrow morning, so I'll ask her about this. They may want to do that day long test earlier than we had planned. He's still favoring his left hind leg, but that doesn't stop him from running around. He has an adorable little 'strut' as he charges up and down Elm Street marking his territory. I meant to ask you if he's micro chipped. If he is, how does one go about changing the information? If not, please let me know so I can arrange to have this done. All for now. Will let you know how it goes with the vet. --Jan 10/10: Kerrianne, thanks for your note. Dino is doing well, though I was a little overwhelmed by the whole experience. He's off all the medications I had to give him by mouth (a challenge!) and the wound is healing nicely. We go to Ocean State tomorrow morning to have the staples removed. Thankfully, he wasn't very interested in playing with the wound, so we got by with just the inflatable collar. I'm including a picture of Dino right after surgery in his little bed with the collar and his poor little shaved leg! It's heartbreaking to see him hobble around on three legs, but he's starting to briefly 'toe tap' the fixed leg. The challenge is to keep him from running around--he really is vey active and misses all the exercise. I'm going to get a referral for a physical therapist to help with the healing and provide more focused exercise for him. Right now, I keep him in my bedroom or in a little playpen, but he's not too happy with the confinement. Hopefully, this will be short-lived! The surgery was fairly extensive: they deepened the groove holding the patella and tightened the surrounding tissues, removed the torn fragments of the cruciate ligament and menisci and performed an extracapsular suture repair to stabilize the knee. His glucose was very low when I brought him in for some reason, so they kept him for the full day following the surgery to monitor him and recommended reducing his dose to two units. This has now been increased to two and a half and he seems to be doing well on this. We have another curve test scheduled on the 29th. I'll keep you up to date on Dino's progress. He's still such a good little boy. Hope all is well with you

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