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Harley now Charlie

Charlie with family

My Forever Family.

Hi Cathie, Harley is awesome in everyway but hesitates when Dennis is involved. He will trot away from him if they are in the yard and won't come back in the house for him. Dennis took him for a walk this a.m. to meet and greet our dog loving neighbors. Charlie was wonderful with another dog and also 2 male neighbors. We both love Charlie and want to keep him. Any suggestions to help? So nice to meet you the other day! Kathy

7/27: Hi Cathie, Working hard with Charlie. He is so sweet and loves the baby. I think he will be fine but he is going to take time. Dennis has done the walks, treats and food as you suggested. He is now sitting in Dennis' chair with him! We know he will be fine. Yesterday we all went to church except Charlie. We were gone about an hour. When we came home he was jumping down from somewhere and knocked down some paper plates. He is a great jumper but we will leave him in family room and hope he will be safe. I will doggie proof that room. Still thinking about adding a female. We went to Petco with Charlie and met some doggies, he was very friendly so I am hopeful. Hope all your babies are doing ok. Kathy

Charlie with a squeaky toy

Charlie got out his squeaky toy!

8/2: Just an update with Charlie! He is doing great and I think he loves the Cape. He had no problem settling here at all. I really think he feels at home now. He has a few quieter barks here and there for Dennis and then he's kissing him! We love him and think he really is a good boy. I'm wondering if there is any progress on a sister for Charlie? We feel ready to welcome another addition. Hope all is well. Kathy

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