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Biscuit with family

My Forever Family.

Kathy with Charlie also adopted from Yorkies Inc. and Dennis with Biscuit

Hi. Kerri, Biscuit and Charlie are doing well. They go out well together, sleep well together - and have found their voices together!! Biscuit got a haircut this morning. Looks great. Kathy will send picture over the phone later. Thank you for everything, Dennis

8/7/15 Hi Kerrianne, I'm sorry I have taken so long to be in touch about Biscuit, life keeps getting in the way !

He is a wonderful dog ! He is friendly, affectionate, and very social. We know he had a good life growing up. He is trusting. We love him very much and so happy to have him. We will be in touch with his owners daughter. Thank you again...


9/12: Hi Kerri, Biscuit is great! He and Charlie are always up for a game, walk, and treat. We are still at the Cape , getting ready to head home on Monday. We were able to take them to the beach after Labor Day... They both loved racing after sea gulls and going in the water. Biscuit never runs out kisses and loves to sit on our laps. He happily gets cozy in our bed at night. He is so eager to be a good boy for us and his brother , Charlie. Biscuit thinks he is a puppy and keeps up easily with his much younger brother. He gets along with everyone and has many new friends. I will send a few of my many pictures and would love to have pictures of Biscuit and his first family. We are so grateful to give Biscuit a forever home. We love him very much.

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