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Louie now Luigi

Luigi with family

My Forever Family.

Hi Kerrianne... Luigi is doing great! The marking seems to have stopped (unless I'm just not finding any evidence of it!). He goes to the door and scratches when he wants to go out -- and also uses the piddle pads. Didn't take him long to work out a routine -- he's a smart little guy! He and Mimi are doing really well together. It took her only two days before she totally accepted him, and she seems happy to have a companion again. While Luigi would like to be free to run like the wind...he has accepted my harnessing him for short and long walks several times a day. He has the run of the has Mimi...and has settled right in. He has the sweetest nature and is always willing to provide loving kisses. He definitely likes being with his humans, and keeps me in sight at all times. Thanks again for blessing me with Luigi. His loving nature is a testament to the wonderful, loving care you gave to him in the time he was with you. There is a place in heaven for you and all others in rescue!

Warm regards,


Luigi clipped, dipped and puffed

8/21/15: As promised, here's Luigi clipped,

dipped and puffed. Isn't he a cutie!??

Luigi just chillin

8/26/15:Luigi -- just chillin'. I think it's safe to say

he's feelin' comfortable here. :)

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