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Lolly now Lady

Lady with family

My Forever Family.

Hi Cathie, I meant to write to you sooner. The trip was great , and thanks to you and John the alternate route was much quicker than Rte. 44 and a much easier ride home and thankfully we did not hit any traffic. Lolly/Lady is doing great! Lila and her are great friends already. Lady has tried out all of Lila's dog beds (5) and Lila doesn't get upset or jealous. Lady is such a lover!!! She follows me around everywhere and my husband too, she is such a sweetie!!!! We noticed she doesn't really like the grass she will pee in the backyard once in a while immediately after she runs up on the patio. We take her for walks around the block in our neighborhood to get her to go also because it's pavement/sidewalk. Last night during the night she peed on the kitchen floor, I don't want to crate her because Lila sleeps in her dog bed so I had their beds next to each other and they have full access to the living room/ kitchen area and in the hall bath (where I put a wee wee pad in) so if Lila has to go at night she does - but Lady hasn't figured that out yet. I was hoping for her to learn from Lila. I have a couple of questions...1.)Her eye drops: I have an appointment on Wed with the vet just to get set up and established with a chart. Any way I did not see the drops in the bag so I'm not sure they were in there. So I was wondering if I should mention to the Doctor to see if she needs them - her eyes look good. 2.) The chew bar: I can't remember the name of it - I know it was beef. I know you said to make sure that it wasn't from China but I just can't seem to remember the product name. I can't believe how much we all love her already. Thank you so much for saving her! I'll be in touch! I've attached some photos from this afternoon in the backyard these are Lady & Lila on the patio couch- just relaxing :) I will take some of them playing together and send soon. Thanks again for everything, Cathy-Lu

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