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My Forever Family.

Hi Cathie! Rick here. It was very nice to meet you as well. Things seem to be going well here. Dori seems to be comfortable, happy and affectionate. No issues to speak of so far. Panda's Facebook page is under Panda Foley. You can also find her as friends in both of our Facebook Friends groups. Thank you for spending so much time with us today and answering all our questions. We will check in several times over the next few days. Best, the gang at the "106" Bob, Rick Panda & Dori

1/4/16:Hi Cathie, Just checking in with you about Dory. She's a sweetheart and a goofball and Rick and I already love her dearly. She and Panda seem to be getting along better every day--they are now both comfortable sleeping in the same bed at night and Dory has (nearly) stopped stealing Panda's food lol We took Dory to our vet Dr. Stillman this afternoon at the Court St. Animal Hospital here in Plymouth and he removed her stitches and gave her antibiotics and an ointment for an ear infection. We'd noticed she's been scratching both her ears for long periods (and it was also mentioned in the paperwork you gave us), so hopefully this will make her feel better in a few days. Otherwise, all is going very, very well. We'll send you another update later in the week. Happy New Year!Bob

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