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Bentley with new family.

My Forever Family.

Thanks for checking in with us. Bentley is doing just fine. The other two dogs seem to have accepted him and there is no problem there. We were a little worried last night because he didn't eat or drink all day. New environment, nerves? But this morning he had a good breakfast and drank some water, so all good. He loves being outside in the yard. He is a real sweetheart! Thank you so much for all you have done for us. I called my vet yesterday and left a message. She will be getting back to me probably tomorrow and I am going to have her come, check him out and give her all his paper work on his shots. Kent & Nina

3/12/16;We would like to make it official that we are adopting Bentley. He has fit right in with our other two dogs and are so happy that he is now part of our family. We cannot thank you enough for everything you have done. We will keep in touch with you, from time to time and let you know how he is doing. Again, thank you for bringing him into our lives. Kent and Nina Thomas

Bentley on the couch with other dogs.

5/2/16: Hi Cathie! Just wanted to let you know that "Mr. Bentley" is doing fine. We, and he, couldn't be happier. He fit right in and has developed a real bond with our other two dogs. We took them all to the groomers and thought you might want to see a pic of this handsome guy. We want to thank you again for bringing him into our lives!!! Kent Thomas

Bentley on the sofa.

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