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Pepper now Angel

Angel with family.

My Forever Family.

Hi, she is doing well getting settled in. We're been for a couple of walks and car rides today. Already knows to use her fenced in area. Eating well, slept through the night. We already love her to pieces. I do have one question, I went through all of her medical receipts and I was wondering if they ever tested her for cushings disease. I didn't see it listed anywhere but some could be missing. I have a gut feeling that this may be a possibility but I could be wrong. I've just been through this before and she seems to have similar symptoms. I'm going to make a vet app't and have her checked out. Anyway, if you have any info that would be great. I am also going to have the vet address the skin issue. She's not to bad but sometimes licks her back. We haven't had any anxiety issues so far, she is calm and relaxed. She is just a sweetheart. Also, congratulations on you new grandchild.II have an appointment for her tomorrow at the vet. I just want to see what she thinks, maybe get some blood work also address her skin issue. The med bottle that Jean gave me was empty. See if there is some allergy testing that could be done and get some more medication for her. Want her to be as comfortable as possible. She is one sweet girl. I will let you know what happens. Not to worry, she is in good hands. Maryann

7/31/16: Hi, She is doing great. No thunderstorms but we had some people shooting off fireworks one night, no anxiety. She looked up a couple of times but no shaking or obvious anxiety. She sleeps through the night, gets up between 7 to 8 in the morning. Eating fine, her skin infection is clearing up on the medication, diet, medicated bath. Just had a bath today, very cooperative. She is just the sweetest little girl ever. We go out walking regularly and loves riding in the car. I couldn't ask for a better dog. From everything I have seen so far, she is very comfortable here. We will be seeing the vet in a couple of weeks for a repeat blood test for her pancreatic enzymes and skin check. She's a keeper. I'll have to send you some pictures. Yes, please do consider her adopted. Thanks. Maryann

8/1/8/16:Hi Cathie: A little update on Angel. She's doing much better. We had to change some medications for her skin. Different antibiotic and she was started on Apoquel for the inflammation. Also an additional medicated shampoo. The vet also put her on Solliquin for relaxation (herbal prep). Her skin has cleared up nicely and she is not licking, biting and scratching anymore. Very happy girl. We are still doing outdoor training for potty breaks. We found that she has an aversion to going outside of the house to do her business. That is coming along well too. She is using her dog door more and has had no accidents in the house. Sleeps all night without needing to go out. We retested her pancreatic enzymes and it has come down from last time, almost to the normal range. We'll retest in a month or so. All things considered, she is a wonderful dog. Can't believe someone gave her up. Glad she was sent to me. Sending along some pictures from our time on the walking trail in Wolfeboro. Also, did you receive my check for her, I noticed it hasn't been cashed yet.




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