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Wiki now Ricky


My Forever Family.

Hey Cathie & John, Wiki slept pretty well last night. All were up at 6 a.m. (which is pretty routine). Wiki ate breakfast with the other crew members then went for a walk with Andy. So far so good. Appears no issues with JJ Julius & Wiki. We decided his "formal name " will be Rickenbacker after the Rickenbacker guitar (and his nickname will "Ricky" which sounds similar to Wiki)...Andy's idea Betty

9/12: Hi Cathie & John, All is well here. Hope the same on your side of the fence. Wiki is eating /sleeping /playing and seems very content. Today was a "Big Test" for all the pups. Humans first day back to work schedule...Wiki (aka Ricky) seemed a bit confused. Had to leave the pups alone for 3 hrs. Good News...they all got A+...Everyone obviously behaved themselves! Let me know when Wiki's stitches need to come out & I'll make the Vet Appointment. Thanks much! Betty DeYeso

9/13: Hi Cathie & John, All is well. Ricky had a busy day today! His stitches were removed, then did some errands (everyone thought he was very cute). We came home, he played in the yard with his siblings, had a bath and then...I ordered an ID tag for, yes, it's official, Wiki (Ricky) has a forever home with us. He's such a happy little guy an we're happy everyone has been getting along so well. You mentioned Ricky & Raisin are from the same breeder? If there's additional info would be appreciated, but please don't go out of your way. Doesn't matter...just curious. Thank's for all You, John & Yorkies, Inc volunteers do for our four legged friends!

Betty , Andy, Pennylane, Raisin, JJ Julius & Ricky!

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