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Chase with family.

My Forever Family.

8/6/16: Hi Cathie, Don't know where my anxiety came from. Rick is a blessing but we have been married for 20 years and he knows how to handle me. Anyway, Chase slept in his x pen during the night right next to the bed without any fuss. We all got up for a bathroom trip then slept until morning. I placed an order with Just a couple of questions (of course): You said I could use Frontline on him and you have not put any on him yet? I'll be checking in with my vet on Monday and may pick some up then. Also, You definitely gave him his heart guard at the beginning of August? I need to mark in on my calendar. I will probably have more questions and will keep in touch. So far so good. He likes walks and likes to play. Miley is warming up to him as well.


8/8/16:Hi Cathie, We are in love with Chase. He is doing very well. Of course I have more questions: Is it ok for Chase to run and play normally? He loves running and plays till he is exhausted. Also can I have my groomer trim his nails? In the paper work it says not to groom him until the adoption is final. I have made an appointment with our vet for Friday so everyone can get acquainted. I know they all will love him. Will keep in touch. Phyllis

8/1/216: Hi Cathie, Chase has worked out well. He met our vet today. Everyone loved him. He weighs 4.8 lbs and doing well. Of, course we plan to keep him and if alright with you can we can call him adopted? I'll keep you up to date with pictures and new adventures.


Chase and Miley


Hi Cathie, Chase has brought such joy to our home. We all love him. Our home is full of life with Chase's never ending energy. We all play together, boat together and take lots of walks. He is so much fun. This photo was taken during one of the brief moments of rest while playing. Chase is above and Miley below. Thanks to Yorkies Inc for making this happen!! Phyllis

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